Our Programs

N/NSCP's scholarship program, from first grade through college, helps Nagarote's children break out of poverty through education.

  • 71 scholarship students from first grade through high school, 11 college scholarships
  • Scholarships provide, books, uniforms, shoes, school supplies and tutoring
  • College scholarship students tutor 6-11 year olds through N/NSCP's 6-11 Tutoring Program


Leo lived in a small house with neither running water nor electricity. He had to finish his homework before dark every day, but he was the top student in his class. Peace Corps Volunteers in Nagarote, Sandy and Kelly Banks, raised the money to send Leo and five other bright but very poor students to college. All but one graduated two years ago and they have found good jobs. That was the beginning of our college scholarship program. Now we have 11 college scholarship students and as they graduate, new students get scholarships. These are kids whose parents, for the most part, never finished sixth grade. A college scholarship costs $30/month or $360/year. College is five years.

Scholarship student JonathanScholarshipsScholarships

Our scholarships for students in first grade through high school provide, books, uniforms, shoes, school supplies and tutoring. Students with sponsors correspond at least once a year and we send photos. Twenty-five of the scholarships come from students at Middlesex Middle School in Darien and ten are from Royle School in Darien. Spanish students in those schools correspond with their scholars in Nagarote. A scholarship for kids in grade 1-11 (Nicaraguan schools have no Kindergarten and finish after 11th grade) is $50/year.

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