Our Programs

With support from N/NSCP, 60 children and their parents are engaged in early education at the Darling Preschool.

  • 60 children from one of Nagarote’s poorest barrios now attend the Darling Preschool
  • N/NSCP provides a teacher, aides, fresh fruit for snacks and supplies to the Darling Preschool
  • Norwalk Community College staff provide professional development to Nagarote preschool teachers

In 2005, we noticed that the preschool in the Jeronimo Lopez barrio, where we worked with teens in our Youth Afterschool Program, was rarely open. We made inquiries and found that teachers were so poorly paid that they quit and parents had no confidence in the school. We provided a stipend for the teacher as well as aides and the enrollment rapidly grew. Now there are 60 children enrolled in three levels with three teachers.

Preschool studentPreschoolPreschoolPreschool

Staff from the Early Childhood Education Program at Norwalk Community College provides ongoing professional development for the staff at the Darling School and other preschools in Nagarote at the request of the Nagarote Ministry of Education.

Our success in engaging children and their parents in early education means they need to build another classroom for the one-room preschool. We have recruited businesses in Nagarote to contribute toward that project.

To get Ministry of Education buy in to strengthen the preschool program, we hosted the Superintendent of School to see model preschools here. The trip was a success and he returned to Nagarote committed to making the Darling Preschool a model for the community.

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