Our Impact

George was one of the first teens engaged with our Youth Afterschool Project. He lived with his family in the Jeronimo Lopez barrio. Kids in that barrio, including George, were getting into gangs, drugs, crime and violence which is why we started the Youth Afterschool Project.

Over several years George took classes in art, hair styling and tailoring, among other topics and attended workshops on healthy lifestyles, substance abuse, teen pregnancy and protecting the environment. He also worked at our sustainable tree nursery growing trees from seed and planting them throughout the community. The Project replaced the gangs and risky behavior.

We recently visited George who is now married with a new baby girl. He has put his lessons to good use. He finished high school and studied art. He is now our art teacher and has one of our college scholarships to study graphic design. He has a tailoring business in his home with three sewing machines. He also has a barber chair and is the only barber in the barrio. And, he has a thriving video game business.

We take pride in having a hand in getting George and hundreds of other youths on the right track to a brighter future.

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