Our Impact

Board member Virginia Auster celebrated her 91st birthday in January, 2015, and in March, she visited Nagarote... her eighth visit in the last seven years!

Turning 90 years old? Might as well do something useful. "Might as well" was a favorite saying of Virginia Auster's father, as in, "Cleaning the house? Might as well put on a new roof." Virginia seems to have inherited the attitude. "Turning 90? Might as well do something useful... like traveling back to Nagarote."

virginia2Virginia in 2014Virginia and kids in Nagrote

Smith College graduate, summer stock player, mother of two, and clinical social worker, Virginia had already accomplished a great deal before becoming one of the founders of the Norwalk/Nagarote Sister-City Project in 1986. She's been an active member of the Board ever since.

What has kept her involved?  Seeing the Community Center built. Seeing its programs for young people become a reality. And, of course, seeing the kids. Virginia loves being surrounded by little kids, who "gather around like bees around honey."

Virginia has seen many changes over the N/NSCP's 28 years. But she's also aware of the "subtle changes that happen within one's self when one is engaged in this kind of work."

Turning 90?  Pack your bags, get on a plane, fly to Nicaragua. Might as well.

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