Our Impact

Through the generosity of a N/NSCP donor and board member, Arelys was fitted for a new prosthetic leg - and she is delighted to be back standing on her own two feet.

ArelysYou may remember reading about Arelys some years ago: while she was a teenager active in our program, she developed bone cancer and had to have her leg amputated at the knee.

During her recovery, she joined our kids on trips to the beach and to a nature reserve, where she was able to ride a horse during the hike.

Arelys' parents, desperate for work, moved to Costa Rica and left Arelys home. Seventeen years old and on crutches, Arelys was in charge of her 10 younger brothers and sisters, including a baby. Somehow she managed with the help of neighbors. Two years ago, the SosteNica kitchen garden program built a raised-bed garden in back of her family's one bedroom, no bathroom house, so she could grow her own food without kneeling. Last year Arelys and her partner had a baby.

Arelys is delighted, and her new leg has been a great help for her in caring for a toddler.

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