Our Impact

Paola is a N/NSCP fourth-grade scholarship student. This recent letter from Paola covers the same topics that occupy fourth-graders back in Norwalk.

paola“Hello. I am Paola Michelle Saldana Lopez. I am 8 years old. I study in the San Martin School. I am in fourth grade and my favorite subject is natural science because I like the outdoors and the animals a lot. I like to play with dolls.

“I live in Nagarote in the Jeronimo Lopez Barrio. I like to ride a bicycle and to help my parents with my brothers and sisters, helping to sweep, making the beds and doing the wash.

“I say goodbye with a lot of tenderness, wishing that you have good fortune and that the Lord blesses you.”

Paola has been a scholarship student with the Norwalk/Nagarote Sister City Project since she graduated from the Darling Preschool, which we support. She lives in a one-room house with outdoor plumbing.

Without a scholarship, Paola would probably not be able to attend school: the cost of books, shoes, uniforms and school supplies is prohibitive for families with little income and several children.

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